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Cutting the Wing Spar Spruce


I got started cutting the large, 20 ft long, flitch of spruce for the wing spar laminates today.


Repairs to Rudder

Yesterday I glued the now bent skin onto bottom of rudder, and stapled in place. After removal of staples and a little fairing filler, here is how it looks.



Leak test rear tank

Nice day today, so I figured I will leak test the rear tank before closing it up. Holds water nicely.


Repairs to Rudder

After making a template of the plywood needed for the skin repair, cutting the plywood out, then soaking overnight, I clamped the plywood to the rudder with straps. Now wait for the ply to dry out.

Rudder / Brake Control Pedals

I have been working on the rudder / brake controls over the last couple of months. I am using a modified design, which was originally made by Rob in Perth. My friend Roger and I pooled resources, and got the parts together. Roger got all the flat parts water jet cut. I got all the tube.


I begun the assembly process by cutting all the tube to the correct length. Then I made a jig to keep the parts still while I tack welded them. See the photo.

Rear Fuel Tank Construction

The last few weeks I have been working on the rear fuel tank. I use a similar technique to the front – 3mm foam core, covered with two layers of e-glass on the inside, and 1 layer of e-glass and 1 layer of carbon on the outside.

Tonight I finished the two interior layers.

Front Fuel Tank Construction

This is an example of the front fuel tank construction page


Fuel System Controls / Hose

This section will contain details about the controls and hoses for the fuel system.