I originally purchased the plans to build my Falco in August 1989, while I was working in London, England. At that time, I owned a Piper Cherokee 140 Cruiser, which I had left in Australia, as I was originally only supposed to go to London for 3 months (turned into 2 years). I lived in an apartment at the time, hardly efficient for building and airplane. Then in May 1991, I was transferred to New York, again living in an apartment for 3 – 4 months, then I moved to the burbs in Westchester County. I should have started building the Falco then, but alas, got tangled up in a 1948 Beech 35 which I then flew for 5 years. In retrospect, it wasn’t all bad, because in that time frame met my future wife Deborah, and also through the Bonanza ownership, my now best friend Greg Keshishian.

Anyway, after 2 years in New York, then a year and change in Hong Kong (really not the place to build a plane), we returned to Chicago, where we took up residence in Wheaton, IL, and I kept my Bonanza at Dekalb, IL. This is where I met two of my best buddies, Danny Thurnau and Alan Abell. Alan was always on my case to start on the Falco, and kept a great lookout for parts that came available from projects – this resulted in several trips to pick up those parts – Canada (where I bought a bunch of stuff from Jack Wiebe), southern Illinois (where I bought some parts from an unknown person).

Katie & Jack

Roll forward … relocated to Connecticut in September 2001 and with the perfect place to build a plane then decide to build a motorcycle!!!!

After completing the motorcycle, riding round to various local shows (which mostly I would win Best of Show trophy at every show), and then getting the bike into “The Horse” magazine, it all started to get very boring.



At that point, it was now time to get back into aviation – I got my medical back in August 2010, and in the same month, started the Falco project in earnest, and really seriously. So, posted the bike online, and finally got a buyer for $32.5K, which went into the bank …. down-payment f or the Falco project!

The bike that finances the airplane

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